Sari Ratu Restaurant, Authentic Nasi Padang




The key business principle of Sari Ratu Group is “TOGETHERNESS AND PARTICIPATION” in operating a traditional restaurant system with a modern outlook. Padang style restaurant originates from West Sumatra whereby high participation and accurate accounting procedures are implemented to gain maximum outcome in a fast and efficient environment both at the preparation (central kitchen) and the execution stage (at the respective outlets or units) of the business.  Time is the essence for catering lunch and dinner crowd that expects clean hot tasty food at their table in two minutes as they sit down in the Sari Ratu Group of Restaurant.
The Sari Ratu top management have issued a rallying motto “GO AHEAD IN CERTAINTY WELL GUIDED IN HARMONY” to enhance the future growth in the light of competition and growth via the franchising division.  The future road towards expansion is to internationalize the concept of “Authentic Nasi Padang Style” operation and modernize towards different cities or countries requirement and environment.
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